Tips for successfully promoting an eye protection program

Well done, you’ve successfully implemented a prescription safety glasses program! Now that everything’s in place, it’s time to promote the program to eligible employees.

Explore our simple and effective strategies to encourage employee participation in the program and ensure their visual safety at work.

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    Why should we promote a safety eyewear program?

    Promoting your safety eyewear program is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures that your employees’ eyes are protected in potentially hazardous environments, reducing the risk of eye injury. 

    What’s more, by encouraging the use of safety eyewear, you demonstrate your commitment to the safety and well-being of your workers, which can improve their engagement and productivity. 

    Finally, implementing such a program can help comply with current safety standards and avoid potential legal problems.

    9 easy-to-follow strategies to promote your eye protection program

    1. Raise your employees’ awareness

    Start by making your employees aware of the importance of wearing safety eyewear at work. It’s essential to help them understand the risks to which they are exposed, as well as the benefits of proper, safe eye protection.

    Awareness-raising and education can be achieved through information sessions, posters in common areas (lunchrooms, cafeterias, bathrooms, etc.) and mention in onboarding training offered to new employees.

    2. Write a persuasive e-mail announcement… and send reminders!

    Use your company’s internal communications (emails, intranets, etc.) to promote the safety eyewear program to all eligible employees. Be persuasive and clearly illustrate the steps involved in obtaining a pair of prescription safety glasses.

    Here are some elements to include in your announcement e-mail:

    • Introduce the eye protection program.
    • Explain why this program is crucial to employee vision safety.
    • Mention that the company covers the cost of prescription safety eyewear.
    • Explain how to obtain prescription safety glasses.
    • Add a clear call to action, such as making an appointment with an optometrist.
    • Reminder of the importance of registering for the program.
    • Add the program manager’s signature and contact details.

    The importance of reminder emails

    Your employees are busy with their responsibilities, so they’ll need one or more reminders to encourage them to take action. Hence the importance of reminder messages sent at different strategic moments.

    Plan to send two or three additional invitation/reminder emails to ensure that all eligible employees get their prescription safety glasses. Don’t hesitate to repeat the information, while maintaining the same enthusiasm as in the beginning!

    Of course, if all your employees have taken the necessary steps following the first e-mail, there’s no need to send reminder emails.

    3. Designate a program manager

    The designated spokesperson will become the key link with employees for any questions, requests for information or need for assistance. The spokesperson will also be responsible for following up with eligible employees and sharing tips to motivate them to take full advantage of their prescription safety eyewear.

    It is recommended that you choose a person who is familiar with your employees and easily accessible, to simplify discussions.

    4. Create promotional posters

    Create captivating, eye-catching posters or visual presentations that introduce the eye protection program and encourage employees to purchase their safety eyewear. The aim is to make it easy to understand the steps involved in taking advantage of the program and to encourage employees to take action to purchase a pair of prescription safety glasses.

    These promotional visuals can be posted in common areas frequently visited by employees, and can also be added as a banner signature to newsletters sent to employees.

    5. Encourage team leaders to set an example

    Team leaders or managers play an essential role in leading the way and encouraging employees to participate in the eye protection program. As leaders, they are responsible for the safety of their teams. Their commitment and leadership can therefore serve as an example to encourage others to follow the eye safety movement at work!

    6. Emphasize the benefits of the program

    Be clear and actively share the benefits of the eye protection program. If you’re a LookSecure customer, here are the benefits that await your employees, in addition to full prescription safety eyewear coverage and the prevention of eye injuries on the job:

    • Work safely: Rest assured that your safety eyewear meets the highest quality standards, guaranteed by the CSA Z94.3 certification affixed to every pair of glasses sold at LookSecure.
    • Largest network of optometrists: You’ll have access to the largest network of optometrists in Canada (Iris, Greiche & Scaff and New Look) for eye exams (if eligible), measurements and adjustments.
    • Wide choice of frames: Choose a frame that reflects your style from a selection carefully chosen by an eye protection expert.
    • Quick and easy shopping experience: You won’t have to wait long for the right protection. Your frame will be ready within 7 to 10 days of your first visit to one of our branches.
    • Save on your personal eyewear: Take advantage of exclusive discounts on your personal eyewear from our optician partners: Iris, New Look, Greiche & Scaff and Vogue Optical.

    7. Promote the program during employee onboarding

    It’s important to inform new employees of their eligibility for the prescription safety eyewear program to ensure their safety and well-being at work, right from the start.

    The onboarding process is an ideal opportunity to make recruits aware of the importance of safety in the workplace, and how to prevent the risk of eye injury with appropriate protection.

    This can be achieved through various actions, such as:

    • a presentation detailing the risks specific to the employee’s workstation;
    • a formal email invitation (and subsequent reminders if necessary!);
    • or the dispatch of a visual brochure compiling all the essential information on the program and the steps to follow to participate.

    8. Provide personalized follow-ups

    Sometimes, the best way to attract attention is to organize a brief one-on-one meeting with employees who haven’t started the eye protection process. The aim is to understand why an employee has not yet taken advantage of his or her prescription safety glasses. 

    The aim of this approach is to offer personalized support to the employee and to address the various reasons that stand in the way of adequate eye protection on the job.

    9. Be quick with your answers

    Be alert to respond quickly to questions and queries from employees eligible for the prescription safety eyewear program. Make yourself available to organize short information sessions and accompany certain employees to schedule an appointment with the optometrist of their choice.

    Tip: If you notice that you often receive the same questions from employees, create a document containing answers to common questions about the eye protection program. This approach is effective in keeping employees informed while saving valuable time.

    Actions taken by LookSecure

    The success of our customers’ safety eyewear programs is important to us. That’s why our experts are committed to helping you actively promote eye safety within your company. 

    Here are a few examples of what our specialists can do in your workplace:

    In-house information booth

    Our eye protection specialists visit your workplace to raise awareness of the importance of eye protection, answer questions and guide employees through the program enrollment process (eligibility check, scheduling an appointment with an optometrist, etc.).

    Employee demos

    A visual guide for employees will be provided, detailing the steps to follow to benefit from their safety glasses. This guide can be included in the announcement e-mail and posted in the workplace.

    Uploading the list of eligible employees to the web platform

    To make life easier for your organization’s program manager, we upload the list of eligible employees to the online management web portal. This saves them having to do it manually for each employee.

    The best eye protection for your workers with LookSecure

    At LookSecure, we understand that every work environment comes with specific risks and hazards. We offer flexible prescription safety eyewear programs to meet the needs of your industry.

    Our corporate prescription safety eyewear program is designed to be easy and convenient for companies to use.

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