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The role of an eye protection program manager

If your work environment exposes your employees to eye hazards, the role of the safety eyewear program manager becomes essential. This guardian of eye safety ensures that injuries are prevented by guaranteeing that eye protection equipment is accessible and worn properly in the workplace. Let’s explore in detail what this role implies, the responsibilities involved, ...

Tips for successfully promoting an eye protection program

Well done, you’ve successfully implemented a prescription safety glasses program! Now that everything’s in place, it’s time to promote the program to eligible employees. Explore our simple and effective strategies to encourage employee participation in the program and ensure their visual safety at work. Table of contents Add a header to begin generating the table ...

Why implement an employee eyewear program?

In many workplaces, employees are exposed to various risks of injury to the face and eyes due to the use of chemicals, tools and machines. Therefore, it is therefore essential (and mandatory!) to wear good safety glasses to ensure eye protection in the workplace. Purchasing safety eyewear that meets the safety standards and needs of ...
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