Why implement an employee eyewear program?

In many workplaces, employees are exposed to various risks of injury to the face and eyes due to the use of chemicals, tools and machines. Therefore, it is therefore essential (and mandatory!) to wear good safety glasses to ensure eye protection in the workplace.

Purchasing safety eyewear that meets the safety standards and needs of each individual worker can be a real headache for those responsible for health and safety at work. 

Fortunately, there are corporate eyewear programs that improve and simplify the process of managing eye safety in the workplace.  LookSecure‘s eye protection experts share practical tips on how to choose the right eye protection program.

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    What are the employer’s obligations regarding prescription safety eyewear?

    According to the CNESST, when workers are confronted with hazards that could cause eye injuries, safety glasses becomes mandatory.

    Employers are required to provide safety glasses to employees exposed to workplace hazards. These glasses must also comply with the CSA Z94.3 standard.

    The main eye hazards in the workplace:

    • Chemical products
    • Bioaerosols
    • Particles and dust
    • Projectiles
    • Sparks
    • Liquid or molten metal splashes
    • Intense radiation

    What is a prescription safety eyewear program?

    A corporate safety eyewear program is a system put in place by a company to facilitate employees’ access to safety eyewear adapted to their work environment and ocular needs. Such a program generally involves collaboration between the employer, eye protection experts and specialized opticians.

    By joining a safety eyewear program, you benefit from the expertise of eye protection specialists who analyze the specific needs of your industry and the tasks performed by your employees. These experts will suggest a selection of frames and lenses that offer maximum and adequate protection for your employees.

    In addition, thanks to such a program, you’ll have access to safety eyewear tailored to your workers’ optical prescription, all at advantageous and competitive rates.

    7 reasons to join a prescription eyewear program

    Here are the main benefits of implementing a safety eyewear program in your organization.

    1. Compliance with standards

      By joining a corporate program, you can be sure that your employees will be provided with safety eyewear that complies with current safety standards. The CSA Z94.3 standard, which is mandatory for eye protection equipment, ensures that workers have high-quality eye protection equipment offering maximum protection against workplace hazards.

    2. Customized protection

      By taking part in such a program, each employee receives safety glasses fitted with corrective lenses to solve their vision problems. This enables them to enjoy clear, sharp vision while benefiting from effective eye protection against workplace hazards.

    3. Expert advice on eye protection

      Our eye protection experts analyze your employees’ workstations to propose a selection of frames and lenses that are suited to their working environment.

    4. Wide selection of safety eyewear for employees

      LookSecure offers a wide range of safety eyewear. Different materials, colors, sizes, fits and styles are available to suit all ocular needs, work environments and tastes.

    5. Fast prescription purchasing process for protective eyewear

      At LookSecure, the entire process of purchasing prescription safety eyewear is managed via an easy-to-use web platform. This platform provides real-time access to program information, enables employee usage to be tracked, and reduces administrative tasks to a minimum.As a result, you benefit from a simplified, fully digital purchasing process that promotes seamless management of eye protection within your company.

    6. Simplified pricing

      LookSecure’s digital platform gives employers complete access to all employee invoices. Account statements and invoice details are also e-mailed to the person in charge of the program. Everything is computerized to facilitate the management of important documents and simplify administrative processes.

    7. Staff training on equipment selection, adjustment, maintenance and testing

      The LookSecure program also includes training for the program manager on frame selection, safety eyewear maintenance and inspection of protective equipment.

    How do you choose the right safety eyewear program for your company?

    It’s vital to choose the safety eyewear program that meets your industry’s safety standards and your employees’ needs.

    Here are some tips for choosing the right program for your company.

    The quality of prescription safety eyewear

    Prescription safety eyewear must be made of durable, comfortable materials that meet the highest quality standards and comply with CSA Z94.3 standards.

    The network of eye care providers and clinics 

    Employees will have to travel to an eye care provider to have an eye examination and choose their frames. Therefore, it’s important to choose a safety eyewear program with a large network of optometrists and opticians to facilitate access for your workers.

    Expertise in your industry

    Get the advice you need to choose a selection of frames that are safe for the needs and realities of your employees. Your industry has specific needs that require specific types of eye protection.

    LookSecure eye protection programs

    At LookSecure, we understand that each work environment comes with specific risks and hazards. We offer flexible prescription safety eyewear programs to meet the needs of your industry.

    Our corporate prescription safety eyewear program is designed to be easy and convenient for companies to use.

    How do the programs work?

    Create a safer working environment in just a few days with LookSecure!

    1. Study of work environment, selection of frames and lenses

      Our experts will analyze your organizational needs and your employees’ workstations to make a selection of frames and lenses adapted to their working environment.

    2. Portal activation and eligibility management

      Once the frames have been pre-selected by our experts, we will activate your company’s portal and your program manager will be able to manage employee accessibility.

    3. Employee visits to one of our locations

      Eligible employees can then visit one of our 375 locations (New Look, Greiche & Scaff, Iris) across Canada to take measurements, have an eye exam (if necessary) and select frames.

    4. Delivery and adjustment of safety glasses

      Safety glasses with prescription will be delivered to the same location within 7 to 10 business days. Finally, our eye-care specialists will adjust the frame.

    5. Monthly statement and satisfaction follow-up

      Your company will receive a monthly statement with invoice details, and our experts will follow up with the program manager to ensure your satisfaction.

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