Safety Glasses for
Agri-food Industry

Enhance eye safety in your agri-food business with safety that complies with sanitary standards and is adapted to your employees’ working environment.

Sanitary-approved eye protection

sanitary risks

Maintain sanitary working environments by choosing safety eyewear that complies with the food safety regulations

eye safety

Food industry employees must wear safety glasses designed for their work environment to ensure maximum protection at all times.

Reduce expenditure on safety measures

Prevent eye injuries and reduce medical expenses and time off work.

The best safety glasses for food workers

Flawless protection for food industry workers

All the essential features of safety glasses for food industry workers.

No detachable parts

Any safety glasses with detachable parts increases the risk of food contamination.

Splash protection

Safety eyewear must be sealed to prevent liquid splashes or vapors from entering, thus ensuring adequate eye protection.

Reusable antifog wipe

We recommend the use of reusable anti-fog wipes to ensure clear visibility and adequate protection from the climatic variations caused by freezers in food factories.

CSA Z94.3 approved

The CSA Z94.3 standard guarantees that safety glasses meet the highest standards of eye protection and are made from strong, durable, impact-resistant materials.


It’s essential to provide manufacturers with protective eyewear with treatments and lens options adapted to their work environment.


A flexible safety glasses program for your workplace

We offer flexible corporate prescription safety glasses programs. Our experts will analyze your organizational needs and identify a selection of frames and lens treatments to suit your work environment.


The right lenses and treatments for agri-food workers

We are constantly innovating to offer the best modern, precise and comfortable solutions. Our treatments and lenses are designed to optimize the visual quality of agri-food workers, offer greater comfort and ensure good eye health.


More than 375 clinics across Canada

Your employees will benefit from the largest network of opticians and optometrists in Canada for vision care services and the adjustment of their safety glasses.

Frequently asked questions

What are the regulations in the agri-food sector?

According to CNESST regulation eye protection is required in all cases where your employees are facing risks that could injure their eyes.

According to CNESST regulation eye protection is required in all cases where your employees are facing risks that could injure their eyes.


There are various standards that manufacturers of protective eyewear must meet. CAN/CSA Z94.3, for example, is mandatory when the employee is faced with hazards such as flying particles or objects, molten materials or intense radiation. But eye protection in good condition that meets CAN/CSA Z94.3-92, CAN/CSA Z94.3-99 or CAN/CSA Z94.3-02 is still considered adequate.

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