Safety Glasses
for Forestry Industry

Ensure optimum eye protection for your forestry workers against everyday hazards such as moving branches, splinters of wood and dust, chemicals and particles thrown up by machinery.

Ultimate eye protection for forestry workers

Comply with forestry industry regulations

Demonstrate your commitment to the safety and well-being of your employees in the workplace by complying with forest industry regulatory standards.

Increase eye safety at work

Keep your forestry workers safe by protecting them from hazards in their environment, such as moving branches, splinters, and exposure to chemicals and glare.

Increase your workers' productivity

By providing protective eyewear suitable for hot, humid and brightly lit environments, your employees will be able to perform their tasks with greater ease and precision.

The best safety glasses for forestry workers

Ready to protect your workers' vision

All the essential features of safety eyewear for forestry workers.

Clear peripheral vision

Clear peripheral vision is crucial to keep workers alert when maneuvering or working near forestry machines and moving branches.

Anti-dust foam strip

The foam dust strip is essential to prevent particles and debris from entering the protective frame.

Well-fitted frame, close to the face

A well-fitting safety glass that hugs the contours of the face prevents branches, wood splinters and dust from entering the frame. In addition, a close-fitting frame prevents fogging.

Silicone nasal bridge

A silicone nose bridge provides extra comfort and prevents safety glasses from slipping off the face, even during active movement or in conditions where sweat can be a problem.

CSA Z94.3 approved

The CSA Z94.3 standard ensures that safety glasses meet the highest standards of eye protection and are made from strong, durable, impact-resistant materials.


Any uncorrected eye problem is a serious source of danger for workers. To ensure clear, sharp vision, it’s essential to provide your employees with safety glasses fitted with corrective lenses to solve their vision problems.


A flexible safety glasses program for your workplace

We offer flexible corporate prescription safety glasses programs. Our experts will analyze your organizational needs and identify a selection of frames and lens treatments to suit your work environment.


The right lenses and treatments for forestry workers

We are constantly innovating to offer the best modern, precise and comfortable solutions. Our treatments and lenses are designed to optimize the visual quality of workers in the forestry industry, provide greater comfort and ensure good eye health.


More than 375 clinics across Canada

Your employees will benefit from the largest network of opticians and optometrists in Canada for vision care services and the adjustment of their safety glasses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the regulations in the forestry industry?

According to CNESST regulation eye protection is required in all cases where your employees are facing risks that could injure their eyes.


There are various standards that manufacturers of protective eyewear must meet. CAN/CSA Z94.3, for example, is mandatory when the employee is faced with hazards such as flying particles or objects, molten materials or intense radiation. But eye protection in good condition that meets CAN/CSA Z94.3-92, CAN/CSA Z94.3-99 or CAN/CSA Z94.3-02 is still considered adequate.

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