5 reasons to invest in prescription safety glasses

Many workers operate in work environments with risks to their eye health. We know about the existence of overglasses and prescription glasses, but this type of frame doesn’t offer adequate and sufficient protection for those who work in dangerous work environments.

The eye protection experts at LookSecure outline the key benefits of investing in prescription safety glasses to adequately protect workers’ vision.

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    Are prescription glasses considered safety glasses?

    Prescription eyewear is not considered adequate eye protection as it does not have the features approved by the CSA Z94.3 safety standards.

    Eyeglasses are primarily used to correct eye problems and provide clearer vision for the wearer. Because the lenses of prescription eyewear lenses are not of the required industrial thickness, they are too thin to withstand impact and are not designed to protect workers from any eye hazard.

    Prescription safety glasses are used to protect the eyes from any hazards that could cause an accident or eye disease. They are generally sturdier than traditional eyewear and are made of materials that offer superior protection. The fit is also different, meaning that safety glasses are worn closer to the face and have side protection.

    More importantly, prescription glasses and safety glasses have different selection criteria. For prescription glasses, the main objective is often aesthetics. For safety glasses, the objectives in order of priority are: safety, comfort and aesthetics. Aesthetics is not a priority, but it is still possible.

    Why invest in prescription safety glasses?

    Here are 5 good reasons to invest in prescription safety glasses.

    1. Durability of safety glasses.

    When safety glasses are required, it stands to reason that the work environment poses certain eye hazards. CSA Z94.3 compliant safety glasses are designed with sturdy and durable materials to ensure that the frames are impact resistant and protect workers from splashes and dust. In fact, all LookSecure frames last at least 2 years, even in industrial work environments.

    2. Fit and comfort

    The frame of a safety eyewear has key features that ensure stability and comfort at all times. Indeed, the tips that are placed behind the ears and the integrated pads ensure the stability of the glasses and the comfort for the worker.

    In addition, safety glasses will be fitted by eye health professionals who will ensure that the frame fits the worker’s face properly and is not disruptive.

    3. Maximum protection depending on the work environment

    LookSecure offers different types of frames and lenses designed to protect workers in workplaces with specific ocular risks.

    LookSecure’s eye protection experts will advise you to ensure the maximum protection of your workers according to the particularities of your work environment (outdoor construction sites, laboratories, factories, warehouses, etc.).

    4. Look of the safety glasses

    LookSecure’s eye health experts pre-select frames with features that protect workers in their work environment. It is possible for workers to choose a model within the pre-selected frames that best suit their taste, along with colour preference and style.

    5. Two in one

    One of the many advantages of investing in prescription safety glasses is that they meet two important needs: they allow the wearer to have good vision and to be well protected against all ocular risks in the workplace.

    How to buy prescription safety glasses?

    The easiest way to get prescription safety glasses is through a corporate program like the one offered by LookSecure.

    Contact a LookSecure expert directly to schedule an appointment and they will be able to help you properly protect the eye health of workers in your work environment.

    Why join such a program? Management is simplified with access to an online platform where all information, invoices and employee accounts are available in real time.

    Discover our selection of prescription safety glasses

    LookSecure has a large selection of modern, comfortable and CSA Z94.3 certified prescription safety glasses.

    Depending on your usage, work environment and worker needs, LookSecure offers a collection of plastic and metal frames available in different sizes and colours.

    If you wish, it is possible to opt for lenses that have high definition, to ensure a sharper and more defined vision. Other options are also available such as anti-reflection, blue light protection, etc.

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