Treatment and lens options for safety glasses

Optical lens and treatment options are perfect complements to your employees’ protective eyewear.. They optimize the visual quality of eyeglass wearers, provide better visual comfort and ensure good eye health.

Discover the lens and treatment options available at LookSecure to offer the best vision to your workers.

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    The importance of clear vision for workers

    Any uncorrected eye problem is a great source of danger for workers. To ensure clear, sharp vision, it is essential to provide your employees with prescription safety glasses. Prescription lenses will allow workers to be aware of all hazards in their environment and perform their tasks accurately.

    In addition, the conditions present in a work environment (heat, glare, dust, etc.) can alter the quality and comfort of workers’ vision. It is therefore essential to provide them with protective eyewear with treatments and lens options adapted to their work environment.

    Here are some examples of conditions in an environment that affect workers’ vision:

    • Light glare
    • Change in brightness
    • Dust
    • Overexposure to screens
    • High heat

    The different treatments and options of optical lenses

    The different treatments and lens options are valuable allies in providing the best vision for your workers and allowing them to work safely in their work environment.

    Here are the optical lens treatments and options available for workers:

    Single vision HD lenses

    The high definition option provides workers’ vision with more precision, sharpness and definition.

    These lenses are recommended if employees are performing meticulous tasks such as mixing precise amounts of ingredients or handling very thin electrical wires.

    Examples of possible applications

    • Food
    • Electricians
    • Pharmaceutical

    Protection against blue light

    It is now well known that overexposure to screens can be dangerous for the eyes. The harmful light emitted by digital screens could play a role in macular degeneration, visual fatigue and premature aging of the eyes.

    It is therefore recommended to add this option to the glasses of workers who have prolonged exposure to blue light.

    Examples of possible applications

    • Industrial
    • Machinist
    • Engineer

    Reusable antifog wipe

    If your employees work in an environment with high heat and humidity, their lenses may fog up and obstruct their vision.

    Examples of possible applications

    • Food industry
    • Temperature change
    • Near a baking oven

    Photochromic lens (outdoor workers)

    This treatment, integrated into the mass of the lenses, offers people who work outdoors good protection against glare and changes in brightness caused by the sun. With the photochromic lens, workers don’t have to constantly change glasses to have a clear vision adapted to their environment.

    Note that the photochromic lens is not instantaneous in its change of tint, so it should be avoided by people who go back and forth between indoors and outdoors a lot.

    Examples of possible applications

    • Outdoor workers
    • Outdoor Heavy Equipment
    • Mechanic
    • Mine workers

    Anti-glare treatment

    The anti-glare treatment is very useful for workers exposed to blinding glares (ghost images) that can be caused by car headlights, snow, light screens, reflective and metallic surfaces. This treatment helps to provide vision without annoying reflections or ghosting. This is an important asset to allow workers to see more clearly.

    Examples of possible applications

    • Working in a clean room with strong lighting
    • Engineering work in front of several screens
    • Cutting of metal parts

    Tinted lenses (outdoor workers)

    Brown or gray tinted lenses are ideal for workers who spend most of their day outdoors. The gray tint slightly darkens the colors, while the brown tint enhances contrast and brightness.

    Noted that the tint is permanent. It’s recommended to have a second pair of safety glasses with clear lenses.

    Examples of possible applications

    • Outdoor workers

    Polarized lenses (outdoor workers)

    Polarized and tinted lenses in dark brown or gray colors provide a major benefit to outdoor workers: they eliminate light glare from reflective surfaces such as water, snow and roads.

    They are therefore recommended for people who work in snowy areas or near water. They are the best on the market for eliminating light reflection.

    Examples of possible applications

    • Port workers
    • Airport workers
    • Workers in the seaway

    Choose the right treatments and lens options with the LookSecure experts

    Make an informed choice with the LookSecure experts! Our eye protection specialists will analyze your workers’ work environment and suggest a selection of frames and lenses that are right for them.

    Let us help you create safer work environments, one pair of glasses at a time.

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