Eye protection in the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is a work environment that is important to secure. To limit the ocular risks in this industry, LookSecure offers a wide range of safety glasses that will protect the eyesight of your employees. 

Discover our advice to find the right frames for your workers.

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    Eye health risks and hazards for pharmaceutical workers

    While there are several hazards for workers in the pharmaceutical industry, two of them have potentially harmful consequences for their eye health. Here they are:

    Chemical risk

    Chemicals are used daily in factories and laboratories and they can have harmful effects on workers’ eyes. Splashes of harmful substances, liquid splatters, toxic vapors and fumes can cause severe burns to the cornea.

    Risk of light

    Laser, UV, infrared and high doses of light found in white rooms can cause overexposure to light resulting in long-term vision damage. Risks also include conjunctivitis and corneal burns.

    Anti-reflective coatings and blue light protection can greatly help reduce reflection and eliminate ghosting on the lenses.

    What are the applicable regulations for eye protection in the pharmaceutical industry?

    Section 343 of the Regulation respecting occupational health and safety should be referred to for a better understanding of the applicable rules in terms of eye safety. According to this section, eye protection that meets the CAN/CSA Z94.3 standard must be worn by any worker who is exposed to a hazard that may result in injury to the eyes or face caused by:

    1. particles or objects;

    2. hazardous materials or molten metals;

    3. intense radiation.

    By the very nature of its activities, it goes without saying that the pharmaceutical industry is bound by these regulations. Indeed, the handling of hazardous materials exposes the workers of this industry to these dangers daily.

    It is therefore mandatory for pharmaceutical companies to provide protective eyewear to their employees. It is also necessary to ensure that the frames comply with the CSA Z94.3 standard, which ensures adequate protection according to the CNESST.

    The criteria of suitable safety glasses for the pharmaceutical industry

    Contact lens wear is strongly discouraged in an environment with the potential for chemical splatters. This is because contact lenses are made of plastic and porous. They can absorb chemicals and burn the cornea.

    Therefore, prescription safety glasses are a safe choice to provide ocular protection for workers.

    Precise vision

    The tasks performed in a pharmaceutical company often require a lot of precision because they are so meticulous. We recommend choosing high-definition lenses for your employees’ safety glasses.

    Optimal vision

    To perfect the vision of your workers, we suggest you add the anti-reflective treatment if a visor is required in your company.

    Our prescription safety glasses adapted to industrial workers

    Here are our models of protective frames that meet all the criteria of the pharmaceutical industry.

    ArmourX 6002

    Armourx 6002 grey plastic safety glasses with side shields

    ArmourX 6002 plastic frames offer optimal eye protection. Ideal for forklift operators and narrower faces, these goggles are ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 certified. With side shields, they offer a superior protection option, providing the ultimate comfort for working safely.

    ArmourX 6008

    Armourx 6008 grey plastic safety glasses with side shields

    These ArmourX 6008 plastic frames offer optimal eye protection. The goggles are ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 certified. With side shields, a silicone bridge and headband, they offer the ultimate comfort for the pharmaceutical worker.

    How to choose the right safety eyewear program for your pharmaceutical company

    The quality of prescription eyewear

    It is important to ensure the comfort of your employees when choosing your frames. But, you must also take into account the materials used and make sure they are resistant while meeting the highest quality and CSA Z94.3 standards.

    The network of eye care providers and clinics

    To ensure that their lenses are perfectly adapted to their vision, your employees will have to go to one of our optometrists for an eye exam. With a network of over 375 LookSecure locations across Canada, your employees won’t have to travel far to get maximum eye protection.

    Expertise in your industry

    At LookSecure we are eye protection experts in several professional sectors. The pharmaceutical industry is one of them. You can trust our professionals who know the risks your employees face every day at work.

    Ask our experts for advice

    Don’t hesitate to ask our experts at LookSecure if you still have questions. They will be happy to build a protective eyewear program tailored to your company’s needs. In addition to offering you competitive prices, by choosing our programs, our experts will offer you personalized advice based on the tasks of your workers.

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