Eye protection in the manufacturing industry

In manufacturing industries, workers face a large number of risks. Indeed, the work environment of employees in the food, beverage, textile, metal products or machinery industries is quite dangerous. Our role at LookSecure is to make this work environment safer.

Our eye protection experts offer valuable advice on keeping workers safe in the manufacturing sector.

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    Regulation in the manufacturing sector

    Do you have to provide safety glasses to your workers? According to CNESST regulations, absolutely! Eye protection is required in all cases where your employees are facing risks that could injure their eyes.

    There are various standards that manufacturers of protective eyewear must meet. CAN/CSA Z94.3, for example, is mandatory when the employee is faced with hazards such as flying particles or objects, molten materials or intense radiation. But eye protection in good condition that meets CAN/CSA Z94.3-92, CAN/CSA Z94.3-99 or CAN/CSA Z94.3-02 is still considered adequate.

    At LookSecure, all our protective frames comply with the CAN/CSA Z94.3 standard and current regulations.

    Risks and dangers for the eyes of factory workers

    Mechanical risk

    During their manual activities, your employees may come in contact with dangerous objects and have metal or plastic particles projected into their eyes. The damage caused by these small shards of glass, metal fragments, plastic grains and dust could result in abrasion or contusion of the cornea.

    Thermal risk

    In intense heat, your employees’ eyes could face a new hazard. Molten metals, flames or sparks can also cause severe eye burns.

    Electrical risk

    A factory worker could find himself handling electrical currents. It is important to note that in the event of a short circuit, the high temperatures and possible sparks represent a great risk to the eyes.

    Metal frames should not be worn in a work environment where there is a risk of high electrical voltage.

    The main characteristics of a manufacturer’s safety glasses

    Optimal protection

    Your employees’ frames must be close to their faces. Their eyes will be better protected from potential hazards because the space will be sufficiently reduced to prevent particles or objects from getting in.

    Avoid airtight frames

    It is not advisable to wear sealed glasses in the manufacturing sector. This could obstruct their vision due to fogging. We recommend glasses that allow for some ventilation.

    Discreet frame

    We suggest that you avoid eyewear with wide temples that may obstruct the employee’s peripheral vision. Especially for forklift operators, we recommend frames with clear protective sides to free up their field of vision.

    Our models of prescription safety glasses for your manufacturers

    Here are our flagship models that meet the criteria of the manufacturing industry.

    ArmourX 5003

    Armourx 5003 clear and blue plastic safety glasses with side shields

    ArmourX 5003 plastic frames offer optimal eye protection. Ideal for forklift operators, these adjustable goggles are ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 certified. With side shields, a bridge and silicone temples, these goggles offer the ultimate comfort for work safety.

    OnGard OG225S

    On Guard 225S blue and orange plastic safety glasses with side shields

    OG 255S plastic frames offer optimal eye protection. These adjustable goggles are ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 certified. With side shields, they offer the ultimate comfort for safety at work. The model is also available in several colors to satisfy everyone’s preferences.

    How do you choose the right safety eyewear program for your manufacturing industry

    The quality of protective eyewear

    It is important to choose a model of safety glasses made with resistant materials. We recommend that you do not neglect the comfort of the frames so that your employees feel good throughout their day. Also, choose materials that meet the highest quality and CSA Z94.3 standards.

    The network of eye care providers and clinics

    Our network of optometrists includes no less than 375 LookSecure locations across Canada, so your employees won’t have to travel far for maximum eye protection.

    Expertise in your industry

    The manufacturing industry has its own risks and therefore its own safety standards. Our LookSecure experts will advise you on the selection of safe frames for your workers’ needs and requirements.

    Ask our experts for advice

    If, after reading this article, you still have questions about which program might be right for your employees, don’t hesitate to ask us for more information. The experts at LookSecure are here to advise you and will help you build the ideal program with a selection of eyewear tailored to your manufacturing business.

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