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Treatment and lens options for safety glasses

Optical lens and treatment options are perfect complements to your employees’ protective eyewear.. They optimize the visual quality of eyeglass wearers, provide better visual comfort and ensure good eye health. Discover the lens and treatment options available at LookSecure to offer the best vision to your workers. What you will learn in this article: Add ...

Eye protection: 7 tips to prevent eye injuries at work

Did you know that eye injuries are the most common workplace injury? Every day, approximately 200 people in Canada suffer an eye injury in the workplace. Fortunately, there are effective protocols and measures that employers can implement to reduce or eliminate the risk of eye injuries at work. The eye protection experts at LookSecure share the best practices to ...
Industry Standards

Eye protection in the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is a work environment that is important to secure. To limit the ocular risks in this industry, LookSecure offers a wide range of safety glasses that will protect the eyesight of your employees.  Discover our advice to find the right frames for your workers. What you’ll learn: Add a header to begin ...
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